Shears Green Infant School

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Happy Confident achievers

Term 2

Around Gravesend we go! 

In term 2 we will be starting our learning journey finding out information about our local area of Gravesend. 

We will be going on local school walks around the school grounds  and learning how to use directional language.

 We will also be learning to use geographical vocabulary  to refer to physical features, for example hills and forests. We will also be looking at human features such as houses and shops.

To immerse the children into their learning we will be learning about local history, specifically looking at Pocahontas. We will also be walking to the famous Pocahontas statue.

We will be focusing on a story called Beegu which is about a mysterious creature getting lost in a big city.  We will be helping Beegu find his way home and focusing on feelings  such as feeling worried, scared, lost and anxious. We will be learning how to overcome these emotions.


In year 1 we have been learning about Guy Fawkes and how he and his friends plotted against King James. They were going to blow up the Houses of Parliament because King James and his government were against their religion.  In Class 6 we enacted the story in our Disney groups. Some of the pictures are below.  

There has been a crash landing at Shears Green Infant School!

As a class we have been on a mysterious hunt and found lots of green and silver shiny glitter everywhere!

We thought it could have been the petrol for the spaceship that had crashed into our Jubilee Garden.

We used our cameras and magnifying glasses to help us look deeper at the clues. We searched everywhere in the Jubilee garden.

As we were following the clues we found a spaceship. We tried to explain what could have happened and who the spaceship belonged to. We asked our teachers lots of questions.    

We also found a footprint on the tree, some sticky slime on a tree, some footprints and then both parts of the spaceship.

Have a look at some of our pictures.

We had an amazing trip all around Gravesend and we learnt lots of new facts.

We enjoyed seeing the statue of Pocahontas and visiting the Fort Gardens.

We loved spotting the boats and watching some of them move on the water.

We also got to see the lighthouse boat.