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Term 3- Jaws and Claws! 

In term 3 we will  continue our learning journey as we dive into the terrifying topic of 'Jaws and Claws'.

We will be learning about dinosaurs and how they used to live and where.

We will then be locating these different places onto a map. 

We will also look at fossils and how they are made.

We will be enjoying stories such as ‘Katie and the Dinosaurs’ to get the children’s imaginations going.   


During D&T we have been learning about structures. We have looked at different bridges and the materials that make them strong and waterproof. Using this information and the resources we had in school we tried to build our own bridge in our Disney groups. We had to think carefully about the shape of our bridge and whether it could hold the weight of a toy car. 

We had lots of fun working together as a team to build a strong, stable bridge. 

We've had an amazing time so far visiting the 'Land of the Dinosaurs' when the Astrodome came to school.

We experienced what it would have been like living with the dinosaurs and reptiles. We got to see dinosaur claws, a dinosaur skull and dinosaur fossilised poo!

We found out lots of facts. One of our favourite facts was learning about the largest dinosaur alive.

Did you know that the largest dinosaur was called the Argentinosaurus? We also found out that it lived in Argentina.

Click on the images below to visit some websites with lots of interesting facts about dinosaurs. 



What do you call a dinosaur with one eye?



Year 1, Term 3 Homework